Talent Acquisition Program in University Degrees

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Talent Acquisition Program in University Degrees

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This program offers undergraduate students from national or international universities the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) during the summer months. The program aims to improve students' scientific knowledge, while providing an important intercultural experience, which will be fundamental for their personal and professional development.

The program will be held along July 2017, and the students will actively participate in the research life in laboratories, centers and research groups of the UGR, collaborating in research projects.

Fellowship conditions

  • A maximum of 25 scholarships will be awarded.
  • The scholarship will cover the costs of accommodation and support in residences of the UGR.
  • Scholarships will be held during the month of July 2017. During this time students should participate in laboratory or team meetings, seminars and other research activities organized under the program.
  • Before July 31, 2017, the beneficiary must submit to the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer a report detailing the obtained results of the research developed, accompanied by the evaluation of the main researcher of the project in which he/she has been collaborating.

Application requirements

  • External students to the UGR who have passed at least 50% of the total credits of their degree curriculum may apply for these scholarships.
  • The research work must be conducted by a doctor linked to the UGR, that at least, has a positive assessment of the research activity by the CNEAI.

Formalisation of the applications

First stage: The research group requests for participation in the program.

In this phase, the group will present a collaboration offer, detailing the research line with a description of the activities to be carried out, as well as the qualification requirements.

Second stage: Interested students apply to collaborate with the research group.

Applicants must upload the following documentation in electronic format (PDF) using the form available on the website of the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer:
● Copy of DNI, NIE or passport.
● Detailed personal academic certification, detailing the grades obtained and the date they were obtained, or copy of the academic record.
● Copy of the registration certificate for the current academic year (2016/2017) in his/her university.

The web-form for application submissions will be open until May 15, 2017.

Eligibility criteria of the second phase

● The research group will issue a reasoned report on each of the applicants to the group offer, as well as a scholarship proposal.
● Taking into account those reports, the Research Commission will issue its evaluation.
● An adequate distribution of scholarships per area will be sought.

Obligations of the beneficiary

● Students must participate in the research activities proposed by the main researcher.
● Students must present to the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer a detailed report of the developed research work, as well as the main researcher evaluation report.