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What we do

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Teaching and Research Staff

This website shows information on public calls for research applications both for research projects and groups and on financial aid through the Special Research Programme. You can also take a look at the announcements and news board sections found on the main page to obtain information on different open calls available. If you wish to obtain personal information concerning any of the subjects covered on the website, please call the Vice-Rector's Office for Research and Knowledge Transfer, contact information can be found on the “About Us” section.

Students & Graduates

If you wish to develop a research career or start a PhD after your undergraduate degree, the Vice-Rector's Office will assist you when dealing with the possible alternatives and financial aid programmes. For information and queries, please refer to the different sections of this website. You may call the following numbers:

  • Special Research Programme Scolarships for the initiation and training of Doctors: Ilse Segovia, 958248387
  • National Predoctoral Grants (Ministry - FPU, FPI): Juan Antonio Ruiz, 958244194
  • Regional Scholarship and financial aid (Junta de Andalucía): Antonio José Millán, 958244284
  • Grants & Contracts with Groups and Projects: Yolanda García, 958244283


Postgraduate students can find relevant information on National financial aid and support programmes, such as Ramón y Cajal, Juan de la Cierva, postdoctoral programmes, etc.

Vicente García: 958243008
Santiago Gálvez: 958248721

Research Projects

Information concerning all types of research projects can be found online or calling the following numbers:

  • Project Managing & General Information:

> Marian Gómez: 958241289

Remedios Benítez: 958241288

* Financial Management:

Adela Durán, 958244193
María Galán, 958241316

* Certifications and Project Management: Vicente García, 958248721

Junta de Andalucía (Regional Government)

  • Research Groups & SICA: Claudia Ríos, 958241348
  • Scientific and Technical support: Santiago Gálvez, 958248721


Predoctoral Interns under national and regional programmes (FPI, FPU, FPDI), as well as those taking part in the UGR Special Research Programme do not need further approvals. Other predoctoral interns, either working under research contracts or on research groups or projects, will need to be validated following current UGR regulations. You can find the validation form on the “Forms” section on the main page. For further information, please contact:

  • Antonio José Millán: 958 244284


Help us improve our website, contact us by phone on 958244310, Sofía López, or by email sofialopez@ugr.es .